1. Are you able to hold birds for me?

Yes, we can hold birds for up to two weeks.

2. Why are lovebirds DNA sexed?

Apart from seeing your lovebird lay an egg, DNA sexing is considered the next most accurate way to determine the gender of your lovebird. We have found that other various methods are inaccurate,i.e. the pelvic bone test.

3. What is the tameness rating?

Just like us, birds come with many different personalities with some being easier to tame than others. Additionally, we may also not be able to spend as much time as we would like taming our birds, in turn, affecting how tame they become. We have therefore created a tameness rating to help inform buyers of how tame our birds are. A score of one means that a bird is happy to see you walk past it, but is scared of human contact. A midpoint score of five means that a bird will sit on your finger/hand and feel rather comfortable. A perfect score of ten means that a bird can easily be handled, enjoys human company, and will fly to you on command. Hand-tame birds are priced according to tameness and colour mutation.

4. Are all birds bred at the lovebird farm?

Most are, however, on occasion we may source birds from other known and trusted breeders.