Naming System

We adopt and encourage the use of the international nomenclature of bird species. Listed below to the left is the international naming system we use and to the right is the outdated and inaccurate naming system often used (Note: SF = Single Factor; DF = Double Factor; D = Dark Factor; DD = Double Dark Factor; ‘/’ = bird is split for…).

International Naming SystemCommon Naming System
Pastel GreenDilute, Lime Green
PastelIno GreenYellow Lime, Green/Yellow Parino
Pastel BlueDilute Blue
PastelIno BlueWhite Blue, White/Blue Parino
SF YellowfaceSplit Yellowface
DF YellowfaceYellowface
SF Violet GreenJade
D GreenJade
DF Violet GreenOlive
SF Violet D GreenOlive
DF Violet D GreenOlive
SF Violet DD GreenOlive
DF Violet DD GreenOlive
DD GreenOlive
SF Violet BlueCobalt
D BlueCobalt
DF Violet BlueViolet
SF Violet D BlueViolet
DF Violet D BlueViolet
SF Violet DD BlueMauve
DF Violet DD BlueMauve
DD BlueMauve