Why Lovebirds?

Lovebirds are unlike any other pets. Their short stumpy tails and little bodies make them look like baby birds even into late adulthood. They come in a large variety of vibrant colours from the bright yellow and red of a lutino to the deep rich violet of the double factored violet. They are easy to breed and it is very exciting for breeders to see just how many different colours can be produced. Lovebirds can easily capture your attention for hours on end as they perform many antics and are often seen snuggling up to their best friend or partner when napping during the day.

They can be very affectionate to either another lovebird or owner. When hand-tame, they will regularly bond to their owner and always want to be around him/her. They are very curious little birds and will explore and play with just about everything you give them. They are easy to look after and make an ideal companion pet for anyone who does not have the space, ability, expense, and/or time available to look after the more demanding pets such as a cat or dog. Additionally, lovebirds in small numbers are quieter than dogs and larger parrots, making them ideal for those who have neighbours close by.